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There will be no new land on Earth now or in the future. :   South Africa has one of the finest Land Tenure systems in the world.
Increasing pressure on land will continue to forge new demands.

How we own it, use it, share it, define boundaries, and impose limitations, comply and take advantage of regulations is our area of interest
  Property record keeping is undertaken by the State through the Deeds Registry and the Offices of the Surveyor General. The measurement, physical placement and generation of records of boundaries is entrusted to private enterprise in the form of the Professional Land Surveyor.
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We sell service by listening to our client's needs, arriving at a problem definition and assignment proposal, sourcing, verifying and formatting the data with our professional input and offering our professional opinion.
We draw on our knowledge and experience as...
    Land Surveyors       Engineering Surveyors
    Sectional Title specialists       Town Planning practitioners
    Draughting (CAD) and modelling       Adopters of new technology
Residential end users
    Residential, Commercial and Industrial users and their Professional teams
    Town Planners
      Home Owners
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Outstanding Service
Prompt response
Professional Organisation
  Experience and expertise
Local knowledge
Enthusiasm and willingness
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