Land Services
  our services and plans measurement and shape of land
Survey and draughting the shape of land showing dimensions of features and contours as specified.
Detail and Contour
Survey and draughting the shape of land with features specified to meet the need.
    Building footprint, building envelope (includes height outline)
    Services, roads, paths, drainage, retaining walls, etc
    Pools, trees, rocks etc Checklist Template here
Positioning and setting out
The consequence of error in setting out on medium and large projects justifies the cost of eliminating the risk of error.  This task then reverts to the Engineering surveyor.
Flooding and drainage
Survey and draughting the shape of land with contour intervals appropriate to the run of water at the scale being investigated. Volumetric scaling may be modelled over the base diagram.
Agricultural detail
Agricultural enterprise is interested in the extent of land assigned to crops, pastures etc.  Record keeping and assignment of resources and costing are usually required to be apportioned to the area employed for each activity.  Broad brush survey methods can help identify the extent of each activity for planning and management of grazing, fertiliser, irrigation, etc as well as assessing business critical results.
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