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Property Ownership services (Possession issues) :   Land Services (measurement and shape of land)
    Sectional Title
    Rights, servitudes, limtitations and      entitlements
    Legal support services
    Rentable Areas
    Asset Management (ongoing)
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    Flooding and drainage
    Positioning and setting out
    Agricultural detail
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Measurement services   Depictions - CAD & 3D Modelling

    Measurement and documentation of improvements
    Structures, roads, plant and ships, etc
    as-Built dimensioning and draughting
    Precision and engineering surveys
    Setting out, fabrication positioning and alignment
    Deformation studies over time
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      CAD draughting plans, elevations,      cross-sections
    Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)
    3D Modelling
    Image processing
    Line of Sight
    Rights of Light
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Asset Management   Forensic Services
    Records of commercially significant information
    Building identification
    Lettable units
    Extent of rooms and facilities included
    Services and service points
    Tenant / occupier detains etc
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      Crime scene recording
    Location modelling for preventive      planning
    GIS for emergency procedure      models
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