CAD draughting plans, elevations, cross-sections
Drawings in electronic format. Convenient information storage and transport format. Starting point for further development.

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) / Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
3-D version of the above. Is able to show contours and the third dimension.

3D Modelling
A generic term for visualisations in 3 dimensions.

Image processing
Manipulation of photographic images. In our environment usually to do with incorporation within the CAD drawing.

Line of Sight
This is one of the new age entitlements being fashioned into the rights of ownership. To date no law or regulation to set forth what is and is not. Disputes and challenges are beginning to set the scope. Precedent is set by landmark judgements.

Rights of Light
As above but even more tentatively pursued. Precedents exist overseas. An issue of high density development.

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