“as-Built” dimensioning and draughting
We use professional survey methods to obtain highly accurate measurements of buildings, where required positioned within a surveyed site context. Presentation of the results is by way of CAD floor plans, elevations and cross-sections. Our clients typically use these drawings for planning alterations and additions, or for asset management – designing interior layouts and space management.

Rentable Area Surveys
We carry out rentable area audits (measurement and utilization checks) of buildings or parts of buildings. We are most often requested to apply SAPOA definitions and guidleines. Results are presented on plans, spreadsheets and certificates. Typically where such audits are not performed, rentable areas are based on old plans which very often do not reflect the actual built areas.

Structures, roads, plant and ships, etc
We undertake the measurement and draughting of existing structures. Options for various levels of detail exist to match the purpose. This is often used to confirm the starting point for the preparation of alteration proposals.

Precision and engineering surveys
The development of specific routines to achieve the required precision in the instance required. Some examples are alignment of components or movement or deformation with the passage of time requiring the same survey at intervals.

Setting out, fabrication positioning and alignment
Attendance at the construction and fabrication sites to set out points / gridlines / benchmarks or the alignment of axes which are required to ensure the rest of the project will develop in the correct position as designed.

Measurement Services
Biff Lewis Geomatics Professional Land Surveyors
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