The Survey profession provide the approved plans, maps and diagrams which are combined with the wording of the Deeds created by conveyancers for registration with the Deeds Office. This process provides the backbone of the property industry and ultimately the economy. In Afrikaans we say “Kaart en Transport”. This “backbone” is wholly provided for by private sector. (Registration)



The physical location of beacons and the lodgement of records of where the beacons are located on the National Grid to the Surveyor General’s Office.
Matters arising from the violation of boundaries (encroachments) and remedial processes.


Rights, servitudes, limtitations and entitlements

Specified priviledges and limitaions to the use by outside parties which are recorded
in the Land Register are prepared and documented by the profession.


Consolidation and Subdivision

Processing to amend the changes to boundaries recorded. Requires approval.


Real Rights, Prescription and Accession

Quirks of law which accommodate the entrenchment of existing circumstances.


Township Layout

A special case of subdivision requiring additional formalities.


Sectional Title

The Sectional Title Act (Act 95/1986) allows for the division of buildings into sections and common property for separate ownership of part of a building coupled together with joint ownership of common property. It also allows for Exclusive Use ownership of common property such as garages, gardens, yards, stores, stoeps, etc. Whilst normal land ownership deals with two dimensions and does not deal with improvements on the land, Sectional Title ownership deals with all improvements on the land as three dimensional spaces.

We undertake the creation (and, subsequently, amendments and extensions) of Sectional Plans and associated documentation for lodgement and approval by the Surveyor General. (SG Approval)


Legal support services

Expert witness and interpretations of Land Matters is undertaken when required within the context of legal procedings. Increasingly the legal profession are utilising Biff Lewis Geomatics for measuring property to meet current legislation. Our experience has been used throughout the legal profession to confirm, resolve or advise on property litigation.


Rentable Areas

The determination of rentable areas according to supplied or agreed institutional definitions. This can have a substantial effect on revenues and operating costs.


Asset Management (ongoing)

The creation of spatial and plan-like references with links to database information for the management of facilities and property portfolios.

Property Ownership
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